CIRF - Centro Interdipartimentale di Ricerca sulla Cultura e la Lingua del Friuli

Centro Interdipartimentale per lo sviluppo della lingua e della cultura del Friuli “Josef Marchet

The story

CIRF was created in 1995 as a network between lecturers and researchers working at the University of Udine, who shared an interest in the development of research on the culture and language of Friuli.

In 2001 the University gave it responsibility over the management of activities in this field. It presently numbers over 30 members. Its organs are the General Assembly, the Management Board and the Director. Membership is open to scholars working in other Universities, Italian or foreign, and to non-academic scholars.

In its early years, CIRF promoted research, published studies and acted as an advisor to various other institutions. In 2000, thanks to Consorzio Universitario del Friuli which supplied it with greater human and material resources, it was able to widen its scope of activities.

It is now housed in newly-refurbished offices at the heart of Udine University quarters, with four workstations, spacious seminar rooms, and a collection of bybliographical material. Two members of staff and a group of researchers work here.

CIRF edits its own series of publications for Udine University press Forum. Two publications have been issued so far: Contribuzion par une bibliografie (1945-1997), by A. Pittana and L. De Clara, e Ricercje su la condizion sociolenghistiche dal furlan, by L. Picco.