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Josef Marchet

Josef MARCHET (Giuseppe Marchetti), clergyman, teacher, linguist, historian, literary man, art historian and critic (Glemone/Gemona 1902 - Udin/Udine 1966).

After gaining a degree in theology, he graduated in Classical and Modern Literature at Milan Università Cattolica. He later taught Humanities at Udine Seminary and at the local Classical Lyceum and Teacher’s Training College. In 1944, he was sent to a forced place of residence as an opposer of the Fascist regime. After the war, he was the inspiration behind Friulian-language poetry group Risultive.
For many years, he was the editor of militant Friulian-language weekly Patrie dal Friûl, a supporter of Regional autonomy and the only periodical written entirely in Friulian. From 1961 to his death, he edited the literary revue Sot la nape.
He is the author of a Friulian historical grammar which remains a standard work in this field. He re-discovered Friulian wood sculpture and gave an idiosyncratic reading of Friulian regional history which showed little conditioning or nationalistic prejudice. Although he wasn’t a creative writer as such, his written Friulian was exemplary: nobody before or after him mastered the language like he did.

His works include:
  • Lineamenti di grammatica friulana, Udine 1952 e 1967;
  • G. Marchetti e G. Nicoletti, La scultura lignea in Friuli, 1956;
  • Friuli. Uomini e tempi, Udine 1959 e 1974;
  • Cuintristorie dal Friûl, Udine 1974.