CIRF - Centro Interdipartimentale di Ricerca sulla Cultura e la Lingua del Friuli

Centro Interdipartimentale per lo sviluppo della lingua e della cultura del Friuli “Josef Marchet

Friulian info services

Cirf offers Friulian info services to students, teachers and every person who would like to read or simply have a look at our books or know something more about what we do in the interest of our language and culture, our courses, Friulian teaching in state schools and at the University, Friulian language publications, how to work with the Friulian language, what the Italian law (Legge 482/99, Legge Regionale 15/96) provides for the protection of minority languages, what the University of Udine really does in this sense, or simply listen to or talk to Friulian mother toungue speakers. Cirf Director Prof. Cesare Scalon, the organization manager Dolores Miotto and the employees Sara Cuomo, Priscilla De Agostini and Elena Zanussi are all mother toungue speakers and can also speak other foreign languages quite fluently. The employees are responsible for this Web site, which remains open to suggestions for its improvement and implementation. It means to be also a sort of on line review for the publication of dissertations and researches about Friulian culture. You can come to Cirf offices to look up for words into different Friulian dictionaries (even technical ones) and to ask help to write your dissertations in Friulian. You will be adjourned about events that other associations and agencies organize as far as cinema, publishing and culture are concerned. On this site you can find reviews on the main news about the Friulian world. In the last few weeks, Cirf is giving out free nice cotton bags to all our students, illustrated by the disigner Andrea Venier with popular Friulian proverbs which are very telling of the professions that they are likely to learn and practice tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing you!