CIRF - Centro Interdipartimentale di Ricerca sulla Cultura e la Lingua del Friuli

Centro Interdipartimentale per lo sviluppo della lingua e della cultura del Friuli “Josef Marchet

Ex lege 482/99

Our agency administers, on behalf of our University, several projects financed by Law 482/99 " Norme in materia di tutela delle minoranze linguistiche storiche " and by the Regional Law 15/96 "Norme per la tutela e la promozione della lingua e della cultura friulane ed istituzione del servizio per le lingue regionali minoritarie". Here is the list of the main ones that we have been carrying out successfully:

  • Coordination of the activity of 7 front office operators, all Friulian mother tongue speakers, whose fees were paid by means of the Law 482/99 funds, granted to the University of Udine for a working session going from June 2003 till Mai 2005. The employees timetable covered 60% of the standard full time University timetable. Cirf decided their tasks together with the managers of their University dipartments.


  • Translation into Friulian of the Manifesto degli studi and of the Guide delle Facoltà (leaflets describing the didactic opportunities and facilities offered to students by the University of Udine) , 476 pages overall.


  • Translation into Friulian of the names of places and rooms where the University of Udine is set. A Cirf operator translated  201 biographies of famous Friulian people, with the aim of proposing their names as new titles for the University structures.


  • Friulian language courses for University employees: 3 beginner courses (2 of 25 hour each in the year 2003, in Udine, with ten and eleven students, and one of 40 within the years 2004 and 2005, in Gorizia, with three students: Dr. Alessandro Carrozzo was the teacher); 2 intermediate ones (again, they were kept by Dr. Carrozzo, lasted 25 hours during the year 2004; one took place in Udine and had 10 students; the other one took place in Gorizia and had 6 students); 1 advanced course about bureaucratic jargon (25 hours within the year 2004, held by Dr. Donato Toffoli, with 10 students); 1 taylor made course for front office operators (of 30 hours, held by Dr. Carrozzo,  with 7 students).


We also administer the funds given by the Regional Law 15/96: on this purpose, some researchers from several departments are carrying out various studies concerning Friulian history, language, culture and literature. Here come some titles:

1.  Prof. Sergio Vatteroni (CEIP) 07.05.04 Lingue e culture nel Friuli del tardo medioevo 

2.  Prof. Carla Marcato (DIGR) 11.05.04 Il friulano e le sue varietà. Tra diacronia e sincronia, fonti documentarie e ricerca sul campo

3.  Prof. Silvana Serafin (DIGR) 11.05.04 Culture a confronto: l’emigrazione friulana oltreoceano

4.  Prof. Bruno Polese (DIBE) 13.05.04 I documenti d’archivio classificati come Lettere e Dispacci dei Rettori della Serenissima Repubblica nella Patria del Friuli e nella Podestaria di Cividale (sec. XV – XVIII) 

5.  Prof. Arnaldo Marcone (DIBE) 14.05.04 Lo studio dell’antichità classica in Friuli nell’Ottocento 

6.  Prof. Giorgio Petracchi (DIST) 13.05.04 L’Euroregione: identità, confini e allargamento. Il caso del Friuli – Venezia Giulia 

7.  Dott. Roberto Carniel (DIGE) 05.05.04 Realizzazione di un ipertesto divulgativo multilingue (friulano – italiano – inglese – tedesco) 

8.  Dett. Sandro Sillani (DEST) 14.05.04 Componenti emozionali della identificazione attraverso lo stereotipo di culture e identità locali: valori, senso di appartenenza e preferenze di consumo in rapporto alla atipicità dei prodotti locali 

9.  Prof. Cesare Scalon (DIST) 14.05.04 Progetto Liruti 

10.  Dott. Guglielmo Cevolin (DISG) 14.05.04 La tutela giuridica delle minoranze friulana e slovena in Friuli Venezia Giulia e italiana in Istria, Fiume e Dalmazia. Progetto per uno studio comparato della tutela delle minoranze autoctone nella prospettiva dell’Euroregione 

11.  Prof. Mario Breschi (DISS)  Anagrafe storica delle famiglie friulane, secc. XIX – XX 

12.  Prof. Caterina Furlan (DIBE)  Abbazia di Rosazzo: storia, arte, cultura 

13.  Prof. Gianpaolo Gri  Archivio Etnotesti. Ricerca, catalogazione, trascrizione, messa in rete, analisi, traduzione cartografica di documenti della tradizione orale e di scrittura popolare del Friuli 

Cirf operators carried out some researches themselves, as they found them useful for their job, that is studying what the present situation is like in the Friulian speaking microcosm, both from a political and social point of view:

a) Dr.Linda Picco coordinates the employees tasks. She carried out a sociological survey on how the students of the University of Udine perceive the use of the Friulian language, what their attitude about fostering linguistic minorities is like and so on. In the months of April and May 2003 we sent out 16.726 questionnairs to our students. 4.150 were sent back. OLF (the Regional agency for the protection of the Friulian language) financed and promoted this research with € 15.000,00. All the data were elaborated within Novembar 2004. The outcome was a volume, produced for Cirf's scientific series. It is being published by Forum (ourUniversity press);

b) survey on Friulian music and its impact on Friulian people based on interviews (64 questionnairs, 15 handed out to musicians). Data were observed in the months of November of the year 2003. Dr. Federica Angeli carried out this research and had it published on the weekly journal "Il Friuli" (issue of 3rd Dicembar 2004) and on the daily paper "Il Messaggero Veneto" (issue of the 30th of Dicembar 2004).

c) survey on the impact of Friulian cinema on Friulian people (86 questionnaires were given out to the public of the Mostre dal Cine Furlan, the biennial Friulian film festival). The data were observed in the month of Dicembar 2003. Dr. Sara Cuomo carried out the research, which was published on "ll Friuli" of 10th of Dicembar 2004, on "Il Messaggero Veneto" of 30 of Dicembar 2004, on the cinema review "Segnâi di Lûs" and on the journal "Mercator Media Forum".

d) production of 4 technical dictionaries (about Economy, Transportations, Building, Computer Science) ordered by the Administration of the Province of Udine, according to an agreement signed on 02.02.04 for a total fee of € 22.000. Dr. P. C. Begotti and Cirf employees Federica Angeli, Matteo Cendou, Dana Concina, Rosalba Della Pietra, Kelly Di Lazzaro (who are no more working for Cirf) and Sara Cuomo (still working for Cirf) were responsible for this job;

e) Updating up to the year 2004 of aFriulian bibliography (Angelo Pittana and Licio De Clara had it already adjourned up to the year 1997 and published in the year1998), by Dr. Federica Angeli and Dr. Dana Concina.

Other projects

a) Translation into Friulian of the official web site of the University of Udine;

b) Reviw of all the articles about both Friulian cultural events and Cirf's activity on the regional press (from the year 2000 up to the year 2004). 6 volumes and about 2000 pages overall were produced by Dr. Sara Cuomo;

c) New web site describing Cirf, on agreement with “Consorzio Friuli Innovazione” and “Infofactory”: a concept by Dr. Paolo Matteo Omero on behalf of Infofactory and Dr.Sara Cuomo for Cirf;

d) Calendar 2005 - 2006 promoting awareness of the situation of the linguistic minorities in Italy and describing the means that help their protection (by Dr. Rosalba Della Pietra);

e) Running of the CIRF library (400 voumes overall);

f) Cooperation between Cirf operators Federica Angeli, Dana Concina e Rosalba Della Pietra with Prof. Silvana  Schiavi Fachin: she had been organizing both courses for Friulian language teachers and coordinating several researches;

g) Friulian language courses for Public Agencies employees, ordered by the Province of Udine (agreements dating back to 02.02.04 andl 19.11.04 for a total fee amounting € 6178): 4 courses held in February 2004  in the seats of Udine, Tolmezzo, San Daniele and Cividale del Friuli, and in Dicembar 2004 both in Udine and Tolmezzo;

h) Cirf hosted the Societât Sientifiche e Tecnologjiche Furlane, the Consorzi Friûl Lenghe 2000 and the Associazione degli Studenti Friulani;

i) The assistant director Prof. Raimondo Strassoldo is member of committees, agencies and boards working for the benefit of the Friulian language, culture and society (Comitato scientifico dell'Olf, Consiglio d’amministrazione dell’Ente Friuli nel Mondo, Commissione Cultura della Provincia di Udine);

j) We offer consultancy and advice to both students and researchers on language, culture, history of Friuli;

k)  We take part into activities promoted by public agencies in order to foster Friulian language, culture and so on: participation to the event  “Glemone îr vuei e doman”,  sponsorship of events in memory of Riedo Puppo, cooperation with the Casa Circondariale (jail) of Udine;

l) Participation of our staff to meetings on the problems concerning both Friulian and other minorities.